Bethel Lutheran Church and School



Bethel Lutheran School Offers:

  • Christian Values
  • Preschool through Grade 8
  • A safe, secure encironment
  • Dedicated Caring Staff
  • Family-Centered Activities

By the grace of God, the members of Bethel have embraced the great commission that our Lord has given to His church, which is to make disciples of all nations. Since our church and school are one, with the same goals and purposes, our school serves as a mission arm of our congregation. In doing so, we are able to reach our to our community with the gospel of Christ. Read More!

Established in 1867, Bethel Lutheran School has a rich history. From a one room school that served a handful of children, to an all time high of 116 students, to the addition of our preschool programs in the 90s, God has used Bethel Lutheran School to teach our children about their Savior. Read More!

Bethel offers a traditional school program for its students. While the focus of our instruction always remains the teaching of God's Word to our children, students are provided many opportunities to learn about and explore the world God has created for us to live in. From phonics based reading instruction in our early grades, to advanced mathematics, geography and history in our upper grades, Bethel's curriculum offers students a solid base of knowledge that prepares them for future academic success. Read More!

From the private education that offers a solid knowledge base, to the Lutheran education, that provides Bible instruction day in and day out, to the multi-grade classroom setting that allows students of all ages to interact and learn together, Parents, teachers and students alike enjoy everything Bethel has to offer. Learn More!

Students are able to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities at Bethel. We have numerous sports teams from soccer to basketball, to volleyball to track. Typically students in Grades 3-8 participate in sports. We also have a Junior Choir that everyone in grades 3-8 is welcome to join. Grades 6-8 participate in tone chimes. Learn More!

You are probably in the process of deciding which school your son or daughter will attend. Please arrange a visit during school hours and watch our wonderful staff and students in action. This is a great way to see the difference a Christ-centered education can make in your child’s life. A Bethel preschool and grade school education is a priceless gift you can give your child. Here at Bethel Lutheran School, we offer an education that prepares children for future academic success. But, our school also prepares children for a Christ-centered life. It is truly an education with priceless advantages that last an eternity.

Check out our information on school mission, curriculum, and benefits of a private education. Please call 989-892-4508 or email if you have any questions or wish to set up an interview. Our principal, Mr. Zach Thooft, will be more than happy to meet with you personally to discuss the great benefits of a Bethel education.